iChatOnLogin logs you into your iChat accounts ( AIM/Bonjour/Jabber ) when you login. Why not start iChat instead ? You can, but then you have iChat.app running, which I don't want to have running while not chatting.

It's intention is to have a small application on login startup and log you into your iChat accounts. It uses the iChat preferences for figuring out which accounts to log in. Normally you add the iChatOnLogin to your 'Startup Items' list and forget about it. Every time you log in now, you get logged into your iChat accounts.


The program consists of two parts. First, thing it does when started it looks if it's in the loginItems, it it's not it adds itself to the loginItems, second thing it does it tells the system to log you into aim. So when you double click it and it is already in your loginItems, it’s not showing any visible feedback and logs you in your iChat accounts.




•minimalistic user feedback - if the program is already in your startup items it will show nothing visible when you double click it.


Mac OS X 10.4 -iChat on 10.5 has this feature built in.


Version 1.10 ( 2009-06-03 )

  1. at startup it figures out if the machine is connected to the internet and starts ichat login as soon as thats the case.

Version 1.08 ( 2006-03-21 )

• new defaults database value justlogin when set the application just logs in and ignores if it is in the startup items.

defaults write de.jinx.iChatOnLogin justlogin 1

Version 1.07 ( 2006-09-13 )

•workaround bug that prevented iChatOnLogin to start iChatAgent when Workspace doesn't find it by itself.

Version 1.06 ( 2006-09-08 )

•fixed bug that prevented iChatOnLogin to test all accounts for successful login ( it stopped after the first working account ).

Version 1.05 ( 2006-09-07 )

•worked around a bug that prevents the program to see changes in your login status and not attempting it a second time to log you in.

•keep it more quiet on the console.log use defaults to set it to verbose mode.

•sometimes it's needed that you have to wait a moment for the System to get you logged in - so the default is now 20 seconds.

•More Defaults to vary the needs here a list of supported defaults:

debug0 ( set to 1 to see more on the console on whats happening )

maximumlogins10( number of login trials before the program stops trying )

timeforretry10.0( seconds before another login trial starts )

timebeforelogin20.0( seconds before the first login is attemted )

To set these defaults use Terminal.app and use the defaults command e.g:

defaults write de.jinx.iChatOnLogin debug 1

Version 1.04 ( 2006-09-03 )

•using workspace to start up iChatAgent

•read LoginItems via defaults ( workaround bug in apple events)

Version 1.01 ( 2005-11-17 )

•first public release


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