Smart Sokoban

The classical logic game

a complete new experience

on the iPhone

Idea of the game

A level represents a storeroom after an earthquake. All the boxes are scattered throughout the level. Sokoban (warehouse keeper with a red head) has to push the yellow boxes back on top of the store locations (blue fields).

The only restriction is that Sokoban can only push boxes and he can push only one box at a time.

How the touch styles work

  1. Cursor style- This is the classic way to play the game. This is how this game has been played for decades. Touch in the direction you want Sokoban to go.

  2. Push style- Easy to use touch style. You move Sokoban with the flick of your fingertip. Using automatic way finding this releases you of the burden to repetitively walk manually through the level. Place your finger on the side of a box and move it to the direction you want it pushed.

  3. Smart style- Advanced users will prefer this innovative touch style. It releases you of the burden to move boxes through complicated levels. Using additional box placing algorithms you can select a box with your finger and move them to their store locations. If you don’t touch the location of the box at once just wait a moment for Smart Sokoban to decide which box is closest.

Downloads for the impatient

You can simply click on the following links to download additional level sets:

  1. SmartSokoban levelset 2
    Original Sokoban levelset

These links won’t work unless you have Smart Sokoban installed.

How to download additional levels on your iPhone

You can simply download a level by changing the URL to use the sokoban:// schema. This works like this:

You go to a Sokoban level page like this original levelset.

And replace the http:with sokoban:

Smart Sokoban will then open on your iPhone and you can accept this levelset. It will automatically start in that levelset.

There are several sources for level sets on the internet like: or search for Sokoban levels on Google

How to download additional levels with a Bookmarklet (complicated)

Come back to this page on your computer (not iPhone) and copy the contents of SokobanBookmartlet.js into your pasteboard ( simple CMD-a then CMD-c ).

After copying the data use ‘CMD-d’ (on a Mac) to add a Bookmark. Then open the just created bookmark and replace the address part with the contents of the javascript you just copied.

Now you can sync that Bookmark via iTunes to your iPhone and whenever you are on a page that points to levels, you can use that bookmarklet to change all the links to soko://links so they can opened directly with Smart Sokoban.

For more help on what Bookmarklets are, go to Wikipedia.

Smart Sokoban can’t get to zipped or otherwise compressed levels at the moment. You can download those on your local machine and offer them via your local machines web server.

Smart Sokoban tries it’s best to guess the level format. Usually all level sets that contain the original text format in some form can be interpreted correctly.

Let me know if you found a format Smart Sokoban can not parse and I will try to enhance the parser.


If you have any questions or feedback you can reach me at: