Smart Sokoban

The classical logic game with a complete new experience on the iPhone.


It has never been more exciting and delightful to play one of the most popular logic games ever. With its innovative touch interface Smart Sokoban lets you enjoy this classic game on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Smart Sokoban - a complete new Sokoban experience on the iPhone.

See how intuitive it works in action in this youtube video:

Idea of the game

A level represents a storeroom after an earthquake. All the boxes are scattered throughout the level. Sokoban (warehouse keeper with a red head) has to push the yellow boxes back on top of the store locations (blue fields).

The only restriction is that Sokoban can only push boxes and he can push only one box at a time.

Highlights of Smart Sokoban

You can choose three different input styles on how to play the game:

  1. Cursor style- This is the classic way to play the game. This is how this game has been played for decades. Touch in the direction you want Sokoban to go.

  2. Push style- Easy to use touch style. You move Sokoban with the flick of your fingertip. Using automatic way finding this releases you of the burden to repetitively walk manually through the level. Place your finger on the side of a box and move it to the direction you want it pushed.

  3. Smart style- Advanced users will prefer this innovative touch style. It releases you of the burden to move boxes through complicated levels. Using additional box placing algorithms you can select a box with your finger and move them to their store locations.

Selection animation- Selected boxes appear larger when you touch them so you can see them even if your finger is in the way.

Selection cross-hair- In very large levels you get additional help by a cross-hair showing the location where you touch.

High contrast game layout -It might look simple but it’s playable in bright sunlight !

Downloadable levels- Just download millions of free levels that are available on the internet.

Error correcting touch interface -If you just missed the spot, but when it’s clear what you meant, Smart Sokoban will do as you intended.

Low power consumption- Specific care has been taken to use less CPU cycles to let you enjoy this game for hours and hours.

Developer : Patrick Stein

Level design : Florian Läufer & Patrick Stein